I went to the er room on superbowl sunday due to balance iss

I went to the er room on superbowl sunday due to balance issue's, my dr. had just upped me from 60 to 90 for a week and then to 60mg 2x day . about week 3 superbowl sunday 5 days in the hospital, they dropped me to 90mg a day due to my symptoms of being unable to walk 30 feet with out weird tingling in my arms and legs, then it let up a bit so i refused going to a skilled unit in a nursing home . they sent me home and had me go to 60 mg a day, vna came dailey , i had to put my self in to sensory deprivation, eye mask, construction ear protection, thank god for my cpap machine , i couldn't talk to any one with my eye's open if they spoke i got SO! frustrated and lost all th
e thoughts i had.. finally a week later a bed came open in a skilled unit close to home. NO! one could shut me up i was lost out of total control then my Daughters and wife found out about hypomania and cymbalta, I slept with no blankets a sheet at best in NH this Feb. i was so hot ,couldn't sleep i felt save there only because my family works in nursing and were friends with a few nurse's and lna's I still could barely walk to the bathroom 2 wks now,They gave me a wheelchair it to 2 days to figure out how to move it with ease , ( my left arm is junk so how does one not just spin in circles ? I have a walking stick due to the severe arthritis so 2 feet and the stick look out, I was racing in the halls couldn't stop, up the elevator, down to the jukebox in the huge room like a sky , out to the cryotherapy with in a t-shirt i was so hot , I did bring my hooded sweat shirt, i tried to do a jigsaw puzzle i found the first piece but my eye's started to burn and sting, I was so tired now but couldn't sleep , I was beginning to think a bit the last 2 days of 7 in the nursing home so i got my room mate to go out of the room the nurse's thought i was god like to be able to get Ed up it made me feel good. Then I got to go home with my wife and see my Dog and my 2 daughters went back to there families .They still drive me to my appt's .Now i will start 50 mg for 2 weeks, 40mg for 2 weeks, 30mg for 2 weeks, 20 mg for 2 weeks...I only told part of my horror's .. I had been on 60 mgs for a bit over 2yrs. then to 120 mgs in 3 weeks was like an overdose for me.. warn others PLS!

are you ok now?

@norseduncan I’m home so i’m better. My eye still hurts, my urinary urgency had stopped being a problem during the worst part but that has returned ( prostrate removed and Radiation in 2009).My feeling of not being hungry has gone now i’m starving so i need to learn to control that .My sleep is messed up was sleeping 12-14 hrs a day now i wake to use the bathroom and can’t dose back off.I,m not real dizzy but still have bouts and this humming in my head needs to stop.Now to start the next .steps… I forgot to mention above that my window was open 6 " every night at the nursing home. I truly felt like i was the exalted one as in Mind Body and spirit,at one point i saw hindu tattoos, and the eye of RA, the LNA’s had meditative music at the nurse’s station and seemed to listen intently to my nonsense, my daughter asked me where did my new profound intellect come from ? My wife thought i was turning into a monk. perhaps i’ll leave a bit (bunch more ) at a later date… THANKS FOR ASKING !! Perhaps it was ODIN that came to help me thru or maybe the wood spirit in my walking stick or the spirit of the crystals i prayed to as i hugged my stick with my great Shepherds teeth in it at the hospital in the beginning, I heard thunder and was blinded by a white light for an instant and then i kept my eye’s closed for many days only opening them slowly to let in the things surrounding me as to much sensory in put was so overwhelming, i swear i could hear a pin drop with my ear protection on, my hearing has improved since this whole journey started , i was going to the VA to get hearing aids. HMM MAYBE it was THOR that visited . I still can’t slow down but i can hold conversations with others instead of this confused TALISMAN >.