I will say this as straightforward as possible. I'm not one

I will say this as straightforward as possible.
I'm not one to sugarcoat anything.
I don't believe in platitudes, and I never will.
So here it is,
As honest and kind as it can possibly be.
Well, perhaps much less kind than some would prefer.
But to me that's half the problem for many these days.
Everything needing to be soft, easy, without potential of hurting anyone's feelings.
This is how it begins every time.
Soft language.
Soft truth.
Soft everything.
Soft is not and has never been the answer.
In fact it's just a part of a system of control and division.
Even as they preach of unity, inclusion, and diversity.
But that's another post all together.
To the point.
This is not, and has never been a place to seek attention, nor validation, nor anything of the sort.
There are a plethora of places of like minded people putting little Band-Aids on mortal wounds every day.
This is a place of support. Real and actual.
Sometimes it inspires.
Sometimes it hurts.
But it's all about people looking for advice, copping skills, hope, anything to aid them in building themselves to be capable to face and overcome anything life throws our way.
Those willing to do the work.
Just seeking to find what works, how, and why.
So, for the Vampires out there, please, feed elsewhere.
Seek your validation, attention, anywhere but here.
For this place is not about enabling, but actual growth towards our better selves.
So there it is.
As I am.
No masks here kids.
No hiding.
No masquerade.
Just raw, honest, me.
While I'm still allowed to have a voice, an opinion, that differs from the cattle we call Cancel Culture.
Learn to do that, and your golden.
Don't, and your stuck in the circular thinking that imprisons you now.
I wish all of you luck on your journey,
Yes, even the posers, the pretenders, the vampires; for we all need all the help we can find.
Have a lovely evening.

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I really appreciate your honesty and talking on this issue. This place need more of the honest truths, not playcating words of affirmation. Well I need affirmation my self I welcome the honesty of what I really need. It's sad but most people hate on those who are really helping because they don't just exchange niceties. Playcating is not helping anyone but ourselves temporarily, and perpetuating the problems. And then everyone suffers!

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You are clearly much further along your path to peace than you may even realize my friend.
Keep doing the work.
Rip it all down.
Every door.
Every fear.
For only once we are stripped bare of our places to hide; do we even begin to understand we were prisoners of ourselves all along.
Heal, grieve, forgive, each and every time and bask in the miracles you have such as your family
All my best

Thanks for this. You seem to be better than I am. Honesty gets you everywhere.

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Sadly it took me about ten minutes to find three vampires on this site.

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@EricofWeird LOLOL