I will understand if you want to delete this...cuz I'm just

I will understand if you want to delete this...cuz I'm just going to vent and ramble. Not even sure where to begin. After I got away from the rehab place, a homeless family living in a motor home thing took me in. I took care of their kids, cooked, cleaned, got food and stuff. After a couple of weeks, they started partying, not working and have me work. Back when it was butt cold and rainy, he decides to make me work the streets. He took me to a ****** part of town, beat the crap out of me until i agreed to do it, so he put me in a wife beater tank top and told me to go work and dont come back without a bunch of money. I'm out there freezing and wet and he is laffing and taking pics. I found out He was using me to pay off some drug debt. I got away from them, worked my way to another area where they can't find me, work and get a room in a motel. Things are going great, good safe area to work, lots of work and I meet a guy. Things are going great until I find out he is setting me up. He was going to drive me to some area, he and his friends would take turns on me before putting me on the street.
I think the thing that has me the most mad and upset is since I do this work, no one takes things serious when something happens. I've been told and I've heard this too many times. Girls like me can't be raped, cuz of our lifestyle or stuff like that. It's part of the job. Cutting isn't even helping. Sorry for taking so long and rambling on.

I've been worried about you. Can you go to a women's shelter? You probably don't want to hear this but the cycle will continue until you decide to do something about it. I know its easy for me to say but i watched my sister go through this. She took on some jobs she hated making minimum wage but she eventually did it. No matter what we did to help, it failed until she was ready to change.

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@Betrayedbyasexaddict The shelters are usually full, especially for women and for kids, they are even worse. Plus lots of pervs hang out there…kinda how I got really going in this life.

Consider going to a women's shelter where you will be safer and be able to look for legal work you don't have to live like that risking your life everyday because you are worth so much more than that.

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@NS100 When they are open, womens shelters are full and full of drama. A legal, proud job would pay min wage and I would be on the streets again. I’ve been doing this for a few years now…its what I know…just sometimes things happen that trigger me.