I wish I was born much earlier, where there no Internet, com

I wish I was born much earlier, where there no Internet, computers and smartphones. Maybe TV too. Everything started from TV. And then computer, computer games, Internet, smartphones (evil). Since school I started multytasking: watching TV and doing homework (since I started doing homework by myself I think). I still have that habit and I'm in college. Graduating next month. Today I procrastinated on senior thesis while watching YouTube (and days before that). I need Internet for work, but I hate that everything is just click away. Sometimes I have the will power to focus on work, but it's hard to get rid of a habit I've been having since childhood. I installed the app which counts how many time I spend on different apps, I checked the statistics for the week and what did I see: 26 hours of YouTube. That's insane. Most of the times I'm watching it on the smartphone. I've tried blocking the distracting apps on it, but then I use the browser. It's mostly when I need to work I can't do it alone. I need something in the background, but it's distracting now, work I need to do now is much harder and has more volume, needs more concentration than school homework. Does someone have the same experience?

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Why not try classical music, that is what I do when I need noise, but have to concentrate.

@CKBlossom I tried to do this, potentially it could work, if only I could not go on Internet. I think I have a little bit of FOMO. But I hope I will find some ways to fight my addiction.

I have the same problem you have. How can we help each other out? I use internet research, gaming and youtube-in-the-background to procrastinate. It works so well! My productivity is by the floor, debt is piling up, no time with wife or kids because "I have to pay the bills and have so much to do". How old are you? I am 44. It does not get better with time, it gets worse, and when you have a family to support and expecting some time and dedication from you, it is really sh*tty. Ideas for mutual support?

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@Addicted2search I think we could message each other, write about progress each of us make and things that somehow related to the addiction. I’m 22.