I wish this place had an actual chat. Also an insomniacs sec

I wish this place had an actual chat. Also an insomniacs section.

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Well you can easly use the depression section for insomniacs i guess it pretty much comes with territory.

@Adoness No, that place deserves to be used for its intent. I would feel like I were dishonoring those who are suffering from depression. Especially since my insomnia is not from depression. But your thoughts are appreciated.

Oh i wasnt meaning for you to open a topic more like its active and you can always read some of the topics and share your thoughts as i said insomnia, being lonely and such comes with territory. And yeah agreed chat could have been nice aswell.

@Adoness Ah I see, again much appreciated.

I feel many of these topics cross over each other, take a look at the groups I'm joined with, one goes hand and hand with the other, with out one I wouldn't have to deal with the other, but that's my mild opinion, I guess to me life isn't simply one category or one issue or one label, we get everything at once.. No disrespect meant by saying that.. Peace and love to all...

@Open2itAllton None taken since my groups mix as well. I never take offence when being taught something.

@Trust Hey man just nopticed theres actualy a group for Insomnia i guess you just looked at the top groups list on the side use the groups button on top of the page.

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@Adoness I am in your debt good sir.

There is a catagory for insomnia. :)
I'm in it. Lol

@Seekpeace Yeah Adoness let me know, thanks.