I woke up this morning with the immediate feeling of heavine

I woke up this morning with the immediate feeling of heaviness on my chest. Good Morning Anxiety! I am not sure why. I am suffering from ptsd of abandonment. I suffer from anxiety and panick attacks and I'm sure there is depression. I have so many emotions and thoughts that it is often hard to breathe. I try to pretend things are fine and go about with my ADL, but if thoughts and emotions were water my lungs would be filled because I feel like I'm drowning. I have lived what seems like a very long life at 33 and I have a story to tell.. or stories all of which make up my life and have brought me here the past couple of days.

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and we are glad to have you here! welcome! do you have anything to manage the anxiety and especially the panic attacks?

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Honestly for me I go to a quiet place and try to just breathe. Going outside, especially when it's cool out helps me.

Also, I very much appreciate you took the time to read and comment. As I know we are all here with our own battles. Thank you!

@AlwaysAdreamer that works. I am glad you have something that helps. many come here without any tools to help. and yes, we are all here with our own battles, and we all come here for reinforcements :slight_smile:

Relax and breathe. The heaviness in your chest will not hurt you. Try meditation and mindfulness. Occupy your mind with activity books such as wordsearches. Listen to soothing music.

Hang in there you're not alone.

Recognizing sensations in our bodies is important! Great job at being mindful :)

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