I woke up with terrible knee pain and my blood pressure was

I woke up with terrible knee pain and my blood pressure was high. The doctor and I are trying to figure out if my fluctuating BP numbers are caused by the sudden severe pains I have. I become scared at 187/107..isn't that a high number?

Hi Monique, I was told by the cardiologist that if the top number was over 180 and the bottom 110, to get to the hospital asap. With your history of stroke, you shouldn't take any chances. What is your doctor telling you to do? I know that pain will raise your BP. But that is high, and at the hospital they have me an injection to bring mine down. It worked really fast. By the time I was admitted, it was down to 108/60. I would go to the ER. But you need to decide what is best for you. Are you taking anything for pain? Other than OTC meds. My pain has been bad these last couple of days, but my BP has stayed under140. Take care of yourself and please do something. Don't just wait and worry.

Yes. I know about the injection you HAVE to have within a certain time BUT I bring my blood pressure down quickly myself..meditation, garlic breathing etc....that is why it fluctuates ALL DAY LONG. Tomorrow Dr again new meds AND I am putting myself on the DASH diet. My knee pain is due to a surgeon messing up my torn meniscus surgery..So that's another part of my anatomy I need to fix. I did not like the prescription pain med I just received. I do not want those strong ones that have you "FLYING HIGH" either I am going back to my 2 EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL. I have to be conscious enough to distinguish my stroke headaches :>)

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@Monique8 That is great that you can bring it down yourself. I wish I had that ability. Sounds like you’ve got this.