"I wonder, would i give my life? Could i make that sacrifice

"I wonder, would i give my life? Could i make that sacrifice? If it came down to it, could i take the bullet, I would. Yes i would."
Ive made the decision to go into the army, i want to defend the land that i come from and love. Its really my stepfather whos pushed me to finally decide, He always told me i couldnt do anything, i was weak and pathetic, and no one cared. If i was so pathetic then why am i pushing to fight for everyone i love lives?
Everyday i look at the bars and stars on that flag above my bed and i smile. I know fighting is what i was ment to do.

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That, or you could simply decide not to listen to toxic people or stay around them. There are always terrible people who eat your own self worth. But in my experience it's those people themselves that are hollow, weak and pathetic and they leash out and project their own sense of worthlessness onto others.

My father is the same, always dragging me through the mud. But what value or progress is gained with this? The answer is nothing. Zero. Therefore i do not approve of your decision to go into the army.

Not ,because it's not a honorable or righteous thing to do. By i disapprove of it , because it was the negativity of your stepfather that is pushing you to do this. And that can only mean one thing, namely more negativity for your life.

You don't have to proof yourself for that fool of a stepfather, he is the one who should be the one throwing his life away for the country , not you. Instead you should study, get a career and get a family and children who you live for, learn self worth, and who you teach that life and it's value is important and shouldn't be thrown away or taken lightly.

I mean i can already see what is going to happen. You are like , oh i am going to be brave, patriotic, proof my self worth blah blah blah go in the army, send to a foreign country, get shot and return in a body bag.

And when that body bag with your body arrives at the feet of your stepfather, you are hoping he will say. Oh morganlynn was strong and brave and fought to save the country. Dream on.

Your stepfather (if he's anything like my father) will say: Lol, morganlynn is dead, what an idiot and moron morganlynn was during his entire life, and getting shot and killed only proofs i was right. morganlynn is an idiot. Oh well who cares anyway, back to my t.v show.

I mean ,if you think anything at all that you could ever proof or get acknowledged by a person like this, you are not only dreaming but forgetting a very important thing. This persons entire 'character' is rotten.

So, since he is the one with the rotten character, how is it that you are considered weak and pathetic? It's bs, he just brainwashed you into believing his lies. I mean just like that 4 year old abused girl who responded to the police her name was 'idiot', because that is what her parents always called her.

You must STOP believing the LIE. And consider your stepfather as the problem, not you, you just like that 4 year old child are a victim of mental ABUSE. Once you realize that, then you see that you joining the army is a lie as well and something you do for all the wrong reasons. It's namely NOT your choice, it's something you do because your stepfather has psychologically damaged you.

But for this kind of thing, you don't need the army. You need a psychiatrist to help you get over the damaged that that horrible stepfather of yours did to you.

Seriously,under normal circumstances if you would have said , i am going to change my career towards that of the army, what do you think? I could say 'ok you make this choice for your own careers sake.

But not for throwing your life away for that man. So here comes the advice, you need to dump all negative people(even if they are family or friends)/things/events out of your life, and only bring in positive people/things/events into your life.

You don't need toxic people, or people who don't support you in your life, even if they are family or so called friends.

Your life , is the most precious thing you have. It's not like mario bros where you have 3 lives and if one is gone you get another. To lose everything, to not be able to experience the day of tomorrow, to not be able to be with your loved ones, not being able to experience any more growth , not seeing the marriage of your own children.

Is your stepfather really worth all of that? Of course not, don't make me laugh. Not in a gazillion years.

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@xylitol! do you not see that this person truly believes in what she wants to do? the stepfather may have been a catalyst in the decision, but it is FAR deeper than that! Your comment seems to assume that she had no previous intention of doing this until pushed, and that is a grand assumption! this is NOT the place for you to approve or disapprove of anyone’s decision to do ANYTHING. her comment ‘If i was so pathetic then why am i pushing to fight for everyone i love lives?’ says to me this is a carefully considered choice, independent of any input from anyone! why do you assume that a stepfather…admittedly saying things no one in a parental position should EVER say…is the ONLY catalyst here? I read this post and had an entirely different outlook. you need to take much greater care in what you say to people here. I am sure morganlynn is well aware life is not a video game, and unless I were told directly her stepfather were the only catalyst for this decision, it would be irresponsible of me to assume so! if you cannot comment on a post with more compassion and understanding than this, then ignore it and move on!

morganlynn, I dearly hope it never comes down to that bullet. for those who serve, that is always a possibility, but it OF COURSE does no come to all who do. to even consider such an undertaking shows your strength of will, your resolve, and your caring for the rest of us who do not serve, myself included (my father was regular army, but I have never served). I do urge you to look at what has gone into this decision, and weed your stepfather's unkind words out of the equation. if, when this is done, this is what you do, then you have my heartfelt admiration and thanks. if it is not, then you still have my admiration and thanks. even posting this took courage and strength. big hugs...and a crisp salute!

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@norseduncan ive always wanted to go into the military, my stepdad just mad me see that i am strong person, and that i can do anything.

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