I work over night in the medical field and there was a pati

I work over night in the medical field and there was a patient who had a condition which sparked a conversation about herpes maybe like 30 minutes ago and it crushed my soul. I think if I wasn't wearing a mask my facial expression would have told it all. I wanted to cry. I am tearing up just writing this post. One of the guys said if you have herpes 2 your dead, your life in over because no one is going to want you and then another women said it's disgusting. & she went on sayinb she has a phobia when it comes to sex & she doesn't play about sex & how her partners have to get tested for everything first or wear 50 condoms. Can you imagine how I felt, if I could have died in that moment I would have. I made a mistake & there is no coming back. I had so many plans about being productive today but now all I want to do is crawl into my bed & just cry. I hate the guy who gave me this but I think I hate myself more for allowing this to happen to me, God help me.

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so you heard a couple "Idiots"... how do you explain "MY Journey" and experiences with HSV?

how do you explain the thousands of people who "Used" to come here and have graduated to that next level never to look back and return to pay homage to the place that supported them?

you want proof?  well here's a link i've kept for people JUST LIKE YOU who think you life is over:

sorry if i'm a bit gruff with you, but it's only because i care, and i can only hope you will remember me when you've moved ahead to a better place... nobody else ever does, but it's what i've chosen to do...

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Thanks @a_survivor

Hmmm… life goes on with herpes. How about people who have aids, hiv and Hep c? It might now be the best to have herpes, but I didn’t plan on having it too. Contracted from an ex who was promiscuous. These people are ignorant. I might have felt the same way before, because I didn’t know better.

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Here’s the thing I thought of all the diseases you’ve named but it doesn’t change how I feel not intentionally but it just doesn’t. I am grateful that I don’t have any of those diseases. I didn’t have herpes 2 and a half years ago so it’s hard coming from having nothing to having this although there are worse things. @darknessfall25