I would like everyone with migraines to know about a treatme

I would like everyone with migraines to know about a treatment called, sphenopalatine ganglion block. Also know as SPG for migraine. This blocks the trigeminal nerve, the main nerve involved in headaches. Lidocaine is introduced through the nose with a small catheter. This is not painful and very effective. I have suffered almost daily headaches for 30 years. Nothing helped, and believe me, I tried it all. Then my pain specialist started this new procedure in 2017. I was sceptical, but gave it a try. Bingo.....relief! Had it done every other month and was migraine free. No more pain meds, missing activities with family and friends, and no more nausea and migraine. Please, please, find someone in your area and try this procedure. You will be so happy. Just wanted to share this for others suffering as I was.

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Glad you found some help. Do they charge a lot for this procedure? I've started getting more headaches since leaving the eye doctor last week.

@bebobaBetty They call it surgery, even though it takes all of ten minutes. So you pay your surgery copay. But for someone with nearly daily migraines, well worth it.