I would love to know why they remember those things you wish

i would love to know why they remember those things you wish they would forget and why they don't remember those things you wish they would???

Deep inside, they probably know its a trigger for you. :-/

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@bebobaBetty I had wondered about that too. But her memory - at least in front of me is getting worse. So I don’t know if she was trying to think of things and struggling? Or if she was thinking about her being there and all the “possibilities” of her getting out?

They remember only what serves them. Or at least they pretend to.

I found an old message feed the other day where my ex was screaming at me for wanting to talk about something because he claimed we already spoke about it in detail and he remembered the whole conversation......The conversation NEVER happened, because I have proof of him sending me a message telling me that we would have the conversation and never did.

It is all mind games

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@freshwounds Hi friend, did you mean to post this on the narc board? I know mine had divine amnesia. But in the case above I was referring to my Mom who is dealing with mild dementia. If it were up to me, she would not be dealing with it period. But for years she has said things like “I don’t remember that.” now it seems she doesn’t :frowning: