I would say I'm definitely addicted to phone /laptop bc I m

I would say I'm definitely addicted to phone /laptop bc I make excuses and say I'm researching job hunts, sale prices, DIY, you name it - I'm googling it.
Since I have been home for 6mos, I have allowed myself to just SIT all day...the WORAT thing to do for your body & mind (yep my depression has been sky- rocketing. Even my casual -visit Therapist has let me go....
Not sure how to get energy over 50yrs?! It's devastating watching the hours tick by yelling out "SHAME on you" so wasteful...this is your life!
I am used up.
The tank is empty.
I've been thru hell & high water worth of family problems and they have destroyed my motivation.
My kids moved far away.
I don't live in or near anything remotely beautiful and I need those visuals to keep me sane!
This is WHY online addiction starts...we are seeking something more INTERESTING than what life has handed to us after 50....?

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Hello.I strugle with an internet adiction and I am 21.I don't belive it's age related but I can relate to with some points you made,like feeling frustrated because of the adiction but not managing still to stop it and being lonely.

@Pestisor it’s an interesting viewpoint. I didn’t have internet when I was 21 but was possibly addicted to old school television. The fact that you can get anything presented to you at any time of the day is SO mesmerizing.
For a while, I am not so blatantly lonely.
Yes, we know we should make better choices for our health but (in my case) I’ve been down the road of trying to change and at this point, I may need divine intervention!!!