I wrote this a few months ago. Silently sleeping Quie

I wrote this a few months ago.

Silently sleeping
Quietly weeping
I listen to you tell

You tell a lie
I wonder why
Slowly making me want to fly

Fly around
Heavens ground
Maybe it's time I go

The more you drink
I search and seek
For answers I never will receive

Worthless is just a word I hear
It's something most people fear

Maybe words are more than words
Maybe words are facts

Facts I believe
And wanted to leave
A new life hopefully I will soon receive

I am told to ignore
I can't because it's so much more

Listening is an addiction
One I cannot break

I don't know why
I have to listen till I cry

Maybe it's cuz I fear
On a day that is near
I will come to act the same
As the satan that goes by your name.

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@Ltwtaylor Well written my friend. The words are so sad, are you OK? Remember you're not alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow......

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@Irma I will be ok. Thank you for everything. Everyone has been such a great help.


@newyork thank you so much


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@bleedinghheart thanks?