I'd love for people to realize that HSV1 is so common and it

I'd love for people to realize that HSV1 is so common and it's made out to be this death sentence life killer but it's not. Ever had a cold sore in your mouth? Congrats you have it too mine just happen to be on my vag ...

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I look at it like a cold, it sucks, you can pass it on, but it heals. In time you might have another cold/outbreaks, but so goes life.

Yes!! Exactly! Imagine if we all came out and how many people you would know that have it. It's so common!!

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You guys are really helpful and I've cracked a few smiles since I joined the site :) I feel like my bf is the only one I can trust with all of this but now I have this group too thanks

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I love this place! It's made me have a different outlook!

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Are you Okay Paige?

I was ignorant about it. Never even knew what it was really. Just a word. Now i have hsv2 but i dont really worry about it. I cant change it and i know that the stigma is not as it once was so im ok. You should tell people but ask them for their trust and not telling others. It isnt as badly seen by others as we believe.

Haha love the way you worded it.

@ck80211 yes I'm good! I just hate the fact that people look at it so bad. It's not. And @bellabeth I try to laugh lol

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People look at it bad are ill informed. Until i got it i knew nothing about it.

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