"I'd rather hate myself for feeling, than hate my life for n

"I'd rather hate myself for feeling, than hate my life for not trying" I've been struggling with this idea. Any thoughts?

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Feeling what?

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Love or I guess any feeling has its backlash but I'll go with love

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Both, are a prison of our own construction. All of our minds at times a prison. The key for me, understanding I am the occupant of every cell, the warden, and the architect. I can spend the rest of my life, wandering it's halls, Lost in circular thinking and rumination. Or, I can find the will and the courage to rip it all the fu*k down and live a beautiful life, even when, especially when, it isn't.

@Sir_Eric_of_Weird I was thinking more of making that prison a school and learning from it all. I can’t rip it all to sh!t. I feel like that would render the experience pointless

The statement make sense. However if it is only you who feels it, then you'll just end up trying and trying.

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@R18 I’m not but sometimes its like dealing with a rose that has more thorns than petals

Is the rose with few petals and more thorns worth it?

@R18 idk anymore