Idk if this actually helps. Uuuuuh what a labyrinth

Idk if this actually helps. Uuuuuh what a labyrinth.

You sound tired of everything

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@Eriya basically lol

I know it's not easy talking about yourself and the things you feel because sometimes people will never understand, but you can trust that I'll listen to everything you have to say.
And I'll do my best to help you feel better again

@Eriya many tend to say that to me but in the end…ha. You might not be the same buuuuuut, thanks but no thank you.

It's fine, I just hope whatever it is you're going through that things get better for you. Everyone's struggling with something.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead also.

@Eriya thank you

This is the same way that I feel but no one understands me. People always think you lack self love because you want a mate. Not true.

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@FlowerGirl1965 it’s hard getting someone to understand us (sighs)
How are you feeling today?

Ahhh about the same.

@FlowerGirl1965 want to talk about it or even just chat?
How’s your day/night so far?