i might have mild anorexia but i dont know. i am not like unhealthy thin or anything i look good, i am a horseback rider so i have a lot of muscle. but anyways i have a mild/moderate symptom of almost every symptom of anorexia... but i dont know who to talk to and everytime i say i am just going to eat healthy instead of eat nothing it lasts about 1 day then i am back to weighing and fasting! no one i know would understand why, but i know with people like me they prob. would and this is pretty anonomys (didnt spell that right, i know i am a horrible speller)
hope someone can explain to me how they recovered and hopefully i can fix this before it gets out of hand, which it probably already is!

cowgirl ... it sounds like you are obsessed with this to a degree. I have no idea if you are what they call clinical or not. The others here on this site can tell you for sure.

However, the constant weighing and fasting is not good. I would like to suggest that you try and look at your eating in a different way.

We all have a specific calorie goal that we should meet for our age, height and level of activity. Once you learn what your caloric needs are you could create a meal plan to ensure that you are eating healthy. This means you have to plan out your meals in advanced and stick to it.

Please take a look at the following website to learn more about your daily calorie needs:

If you follow the aforementioned guide and plan out your meals you should be able to relieve yourself of the worrying.

Then, when you stick to the meal plan for a period of time you should find that you are no longer concerned about this. Of course this is considered/called “conditioning” and that is a good thing. You are basically changing your thought process about how you look at eating.

Also, put the scale away for now. Get use to not looking at it. The pounds you gain and lose daily have no impact on your overall health or how you look. This is considered normal for your body. Too many people are way too judgmental about the numbers that fluctuate daily. Again, it is normal for your body to do this.

I wish you luck. Please let us know how you make out and what you tried. :)

And remember, obsessing over calories and weight can very easily lead to a (perceived) need not to gain, which turns into a (perceived) need to lose, which indicates anorexia, which is a sure way to die if you don't get help. And believe me, treatment for anorexia once you get to the point of hospitalization SUCKS. You don't want to be in that position. I highly suggest that you seek help while your symptoms are still "mild". Talking to your doctor is a good place to start. Or, if you're not comfortable doing that, contact a hospital or an eating disorder treatment center and talk to them about your concerns. Hope all goes well!

I agree; it's much easier to recover from an eating disorder when it's still early! The sooner you seek help, the better. :)

While it's true that everyone has a caloric level that is right for them, I highly suggest seeing a professional to determine a plan for your recovery... Caloric needs vary a great deal, especially for those that have been restricting for any amount of time. I am completely amazed that I actually need to eat twice as much as I was when I was sick, just to maintain my healthy weight. It's truly amazing. ♥ Metabolism is not a static entity. It will increase as you heal.

I would suggest starting with a counselor, or you might want to begin by seeing your doctor. Be honest! I know it's hard... ♥ Usually a team of professionals is assembled. I've worked with a number of doctors through the course of my recovery, but I'm mainly involved with a therapist and a nutritionist. There's a lot of help out there. And GREAT HOPE! ♥

Keep writing!


please get help now. It would be a tragedy to let these obsessive thoughts and fasting get out of hand. we are all here for you. Stay strong and healthy. Horseback riding sounds like something you need a lot of energy for. I had to give up somthing i loved because of anorexia...and it isn't worth it. it please, again, get help now.

Thanks for responding so quickly! I am not where i am going to need doctors i am going to create a meal plan that is healthy, yet filling. thanks for all the good advice!
and i am going to bury my scale with the rest of the junk in my closet, well it isnt mine so i cant through it away! lol thanks again!