If anyone could support me that'd be great. I have eczema ev

If anyone could support me that'd be great. I have eczema everywhere and my finger is really bad. I get talked behind my back by mean, popular school kids. I can't help but tonite off the scabs on it!! It really bugs me both the eczema and the bullying!! Plz help if u can.

People are so cruel! Hugs and welcome!

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Sorry you are going through this! Have you tried watching your diet? Some foods like nuts, seeds, and caffeine can trigger it. Forsome people it is gluten. For me, its most active during allergy season. I resort to diluted apple cider vinegar. If really bad, I dab it on full strength with cotton pad. It burns, but cuts the itch. I am avoiding steroid ointments as much as possible, as steroids now affect my vision.

Note, Don't put ACV near your eyes.

Maybe I can help you. I'm a guy with hand eczema for almost seven years. Now after I use one type of ointment, it gets calmed down now.

Look up histamine intolerance, may help, no beer or alcohol or you will risk triggering hypersensitivity as your liver is already strained trying to get rid of the excess 'dead' cells. Lotions will not work beyond relieving the irritating dryness. Bactroban or similar oinments to treat the common skin infection that accompanies dry skin lesions. I have had it all through school too, much worse, with no recover in sight 20 years later. I avoided the school pictures so I am nowhere to be found in any yearbooks and talked to no one because it was very unsightly. I can't offer moral support other than keep your support system very close (family & friends). Be there for them now because if it doesn't get better, you will want someone there for you.

@Earthinspiration Sorry to hear your story. The experience with eczema is really painful. Sometimes feel desperate. The ointment set me free from eczema is snail enzyme ointment. It may help other people out.