If I may ask? Any wife.. would you like your man try to have

If I may ask? Any wife.. would you like your man try to have sex and fail? Or just not try at all.
A question I ask my self butt can't bare to ask my wife?

Well have you guys tried toys to help you maintain an erection?

She has bought a bunch of things. But my pride has not let me too use them.

What do you mean by fail? Do you mean fail to get or maintain an erection? Sex can be and is much more than hard penis in vagina. Try using other methods of pleasuring your wife, and of course yourself.
If you're looking for methods of getting and maintaining an erection, there's a lot of methods out there. Try googling it and trying some of them out.
Also, toys are called toys because they make playtime more fun. So go have fun.

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I just realized that I didn't directly answer your question. If my hubby was struggling with getting an erection but still wanted sex (and if I want sex too obviously), of course I'd want to "try" to have sex. But like I said above, I'm not sure what is meant by failure. I don't that there is such a thing as winning or losing in sex, only pleasure or the lack thereof. And as I've stated already, pleasure can be gotten from lots of different acts and it doesn't always have to end in orgasm either. As long as your both enjoying yourselves, that's all that matters.

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@Saal Maybe that’s just the way I see it as failure failure to maintain both with ED PE and failure to make HER Climax but thank you for replying

I have suffered from PE all my life and that has affected my life satisfaction quite a bit. I have been seeking a solution for a long time with no real solution. I would come well before my wife could feel me. But I still managed to satisfy her with oral and other methods. Given that sexual potencey varies quite a lot among men, dont think of this as an embarrassment and talk to your wife frankly. It is a normal physiological issue. Who knows, she will join you in finding a solution. In the meantime, as was said, use oral and other means to satisfy her.

My wife is quite content with it (but does have issues because of lack of intercourse). I myself though. not so much.

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I hate to keep harping on and on about Trimix but I think it could really help you guys even with the PE. While it won't prevent you from ejaculating it will keep you hard giving you the ability to go multiple rounds until the medicine wears off. How HOT is that?? I also find that certain positions are much harder for me to ejaculate then others but maintaining that erection is key. Before I knew about Trimix everything had to be just so with no distractions, very comfortable, in a good mindset, one of only a few positions and I had to concentrate and hurry up and cum before I lost my erection... pretty lame for her :( . With Trimix you can take your time and enjoy yourself, explore positions, focus on pleasing her or hit it like an animal nonstop for marathon sex.

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I wish my husband would try. I don’t care about failure. What it disconnecting me from our marriage to the point of letting go and living without him is he seems to have no interest in anything accept being a cuddly roommate. The ED topic is off the table. I’ve tried, he is defensive and closed. He’s been on cialis for nearly 4 mths. When this subject came up; he stated it doesn’t work. So why does he keep taking it? It has left me hopeless, feeing rejected, unwanted. He has said he don’t want to start something and not finish. But what he is doing by not even trying is pushing me away from this marriage and him. How long should I live my life with NO sexual romance. No touching, no play, no nothing. He seems fine with it. And I think he don’t love me the same way I love him. And it’s leaving me empty.
Want to keep your wife? Want her to know she is beautiful and desired. TRY. And talk openly about it.

pat10ton, I appreciate your question. I work as a Certified Sexual Therapist. In my experience, the women I have encountered would rather their partner try and "fail" than not try at all. I am curious as to what you have tried to help your issue?

I have to agree with Angie. There are SOOOO many ways to be intimate without actually having natural penetration. If he would try, I would feel SO much better and we would be closer for sure.