If you could have one fictional doctor as your doc, who would it be?

TV doctors are always awesome. So if you could pick one as your doc, who do you pick and why? Personally I would pick Dr Cox or Dr House because I don't give a **** about bedside manner.

Some possibilities:

Dr. Shepherd
Dr. Stevens
Dr. Burke
Dr. Yang

Dr. Cox
Dr. Dorian
Dr. Turk
Dr. Reid


Dr. Mancini
Dr. Burns

Dr. Ehrlich (Begley)
Dr. Chandler (Denzel)
Dr. Fiscus (Mandel)

Dr. Greene
Dr. Ross

Dr. House

Dr. Howser

The whole team from House!

Original team with Cameron, Foreman, and Chase or the second group with Taub and Hadley?

Dr House and of course McDreamy, and without a doubt Dr Yang :)

Ha, I wouldn't want the current Dr. Yang... she's having a breakdown on the show! Um, House or Dr. Dorian from Scrubs. Afterall, laughter is the best medicine, right?

Fun question, Ross!

If laughter is the best medicine, then I’d have to go with Hawkeye from MASH, specifically the earlier seasons when he bunked with Trapper, who was funnier than Hunnicutt, and whose foil was Major Burns, one of TV’s greatest milquetoasts and more fun than Winchester.

One doc I wouldn’t want? Dr. Drake Ramoray.

Hmm original team for me...

No doubt, Dr Ross from E.R. George Clooney all the way.

He can take my vitals any day. Cliche' I know.

ha ha, or maybe DR. Evil
"throw me a friggin' bone here"

don't know whether he counts though, he might want to treat my HL with liquid hot "magma" or radiate me in a tank with mutated seabass with laser beams attached to their heads.

sorry about my digression, i've gone all day without a nap.

This thread makes me smile

depends! If I'm just sick and will be cured I'd choose Dr. House because he's capable of diagnosing anything but if I'm dying Mc.Dreamy all the way baby!! I need something good to look at in my last hours! lol oh and also if I needed surgery I'd have to go with Grey's Anatomy b/c Dr. House doesn't actually do surgeries. He just diagnoses lol

Hmm … so as desirable qualities in a fictional doctor go, sex appeal rises in direct proportion with severity of illness. I can buy into that. Then I might go with Dr. Stevens, or I think Angela Bassett was on ER at one point.

I am really dating myself, but I would go with Dr. KIldare from the 60's TV show. He was the original "McDreamy".

I favored the dark, stormy BEN CASEY. I had a shirt. hahahah :)
and those lovable plastic surgeons...McNamara and Troy hahahahahahha!!!!

That is too funny! I posted the same thing earlier from my phone, but it is floating out there in lala land somewhere. Kildare and Casey were awesome, though I was too young to know what they were talking about, their body language told me I would be ok if they had to treat me. Boy did they set us up for future disappointment when our real doctors walk in and can't cure us in 30 mins. (All of my life's disappointments come from expecting a happy ending in 30 to 60 mins! Just kidding...well sort of)

Dr. Miranda Bailey hands down but I would also like mcsteamy to visit me :)

I would have to go with dr house cause if we are stubborn like we all say we are than he would be the best for me cause iam very stubborn. I had so many mis haps while I was being treated for my cancer I only trust a few with my life.

Gregory House master diagnostician!

One you may not have heard of is Dr Cameron, from "Dr Finlay's Casebook". This was on radio, then TV, in the UK until 1971, and was about a small practice in rural Scotland. Dr Cameron was the craggy senior doctor. Whenever someone called, he would say something like "Aye, Mr Brown, we were aboot tae tak' a dram, will ye no join us?" Translated, this would render into American English as "A visitor! An excuse to open the whiskey!".

He may or may not have known anything about medicine, but what a host!

Dr. Dorian from Scrubs rules!