If you had a super power, what would it be? Mine would be va

If you had a super power, what would it be? Mine would be vampire slayer.

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Mine is time travel.

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@Aceland Nice! Forward, back or both?

I'd take Teleportation, I would teleport where ever I please :)

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@LonelyWarrior31 Where’s the first place you would go?

LOL. 90%, I like it.

Ok I'll change my power now !!!

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@bbo1980 ya that’s a good one…

I would be a vampire slayer for strength and intuition. Protect friends, loved ones, and myself. Also, I would have a reason to wear pleather pants.

@Altagracia which color leather tho?

My super power is turning alcohol into regret.

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@Brent1228 lol

Depends. If I'm the only one with the super power then I'll take superman's power, but if there's other people with super powers then a memory absorption power where all I'd have to do is remember the person and their super power and I'd have it ^_^

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@Mr._Brightside Wow, good reasoning.

Just myself. Everyone else caries on, albeit much louder for a while after.

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On that note, I peace out. But when I need your super powers I am throwing up the super man, time traveling, this is the end, turn alcohol into regret, giant, 90% immortal, invisible willing stuff into being, bat signal. Though that may be confusing since none of us want to be batman...

@Altagracia Actually, batmans super power (decent retirement fund) is what I want

Something from charmed

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@Linn9981 I love that show :slight_smile:

This is probably gaming the system by being too OP, but I'd say the power to grant wishes made by other people (not me) and only if the other person pays some terribly heavy price for it (increasing in severity of the suffering based on the magnitude of the effect produced). Those two conditions would be intended to decrease the risk of abuse for what would otherwise be essentially unlimited power.

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