If you had to describe yourself as a animal what would it be

If you had to describe yourself as a animal what would it be ... im going for a gold fish

I like cats lol. Good morning

@emmystrouble god no dogs all the way :slight_smile: haha

How dare you say ok hahaha shes called nala

@Gd85 Nala like princess nala off the movie I’m trying to remember but cant?

Thats not a cat its a short haired dog :) haha

@Gd85 lmao my sis has a poodle/chihuahua mix. I’m still not sure if it’s a dog, cat, or large squirrel. She used to have a pit bull/chiuahau mix. I bust a gut laughing over that dog.

I’d have to go with some mythical animal that is capable of changing depending how I feel. At the moment a slug comes to mind, other times cheetah, or octopus. Lol. Little bit of a range.

@TreborH haha

I feel like a chicken because I was a coward in the past.

@Jorge85 well call yourself a eagle now as you have soared above it

I would call myself a cat because cats are almost always greatly misunderstood. I don't like to interact or be put in social situations forcefully, I'll come if my mind is up to it, just because I don't want to be around people doesn't mean I hate them or I'm spiteful, I just like to be alone sometimes, and sometimes I just want someone to hug me. Also I have anxiety and cats are nicknamed "scaredy cat" which fits with me...

@Paigeautumnale become a tiger and roarrrrr about it all

i guess i would say im a cat, or any type of feline, maybe a certain especie of penguim

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