If you want to count calories, I think something Jillian Mic

If you want to count calories, I think something Jillian Michaels said makes sense. She eats 4 times a day with her calories between 3 to 350 a meal. On average.

I like to eat one bigger meal, so I would have 100 calorie breakfast , then lunch or dinner is bigger. With last small.

My breakfast was 300 calories of banana , strawberry and mango.
My veggies lunch was 550 of calories or 600. I lose track.
But because of all the fiber and natural sugar, I’m so full and satisfied.
I’ll only have 100 calories before bed which will be an apple.
Oh. I forgot , I had an apple too.

Eating fruit and veggies 90% of the time means it’s hard to over eat calories. Actually the best way to get in a calorie deficit.

Raw and vegan is what you are doing?

@CKBlossom I still eat steamed potato with steamed veggies.
I bake oatmeal cookies. They just don’t have egg, dairy or wheat in them. I keep it to 2 a day.

At some point , my next goal is to do a 28 day cleanse with only fruit and green juices. I see people do this all the time and I really want to see how it feels … But there’s no rush on that because I’m making progress.
I am waiting for my vita-mix today.
I’ll make my heavy metal detox and banana/strawberry smoothie with that.
Creamy strawberry/banana ice cream.
The next best thing would be if I had a fruit tree.