Ill admit to it

I fell into a very wrong disbelief previously on believing i had other "personalities" because some guy confused me and told me i should have some silly me but im over it now i talked to my therapist and she explained to me that they are just voices yay for me right? not really. The voices are very annoying and the visual hallucinations are just down right abnormal i see people walking down the hallways at school actually yesterday after therapy i saw a family working in their front yard but when we drove by the house no one was there in the yard wow how silly is that? I'm delusional too and very paranoid that someone is broadcasting my life on tv dont know what channel its on but im sure its a secret channel made for others eyes only and every tv is programmed to if im using the remote i cant find the channel crazy? not really its perfectly rational to me. As for my medication update 100mg seroquel and 80mg geodon they dont work at this dose and all it does is make me eat lots of sweets and eat period ughh i hate this life its soo hard im trying to stay strong enough so that i make it through but the worse i become the closer i get to the psychiatric hospital in raleigh. :(

Don't you ever wake up? jumping with fright?
don't you ever feel a weird vibration in your body, when in-between sleep and awake?

I totally feel that same vibration while im laying in bed. sometimes i get creeped out because i think there are invisible forces making me feel this way…but then again it could just be me. I twitch also. its very annoying

by the way, I am not THEM.

I mainly just feel a pressure everywhere on my body and even in my mind like on my brain or something. Thats normally how i know im awake when i dont feel that pressure anymore but never any vibrations

hum... try to imagine the vibrations then, maybe it could make them start.. like as if you were a neon light flashing so fast.

Ill try and feel vibrations if i have another one of those dreams tonight