I'm 15 years old and an only child who lives full time with

I'm 15 years old and an only child who lives full time with my dad... My dad has gone through 9 bypass surgeries and looks like a giant pin cushion.. the blood supply to his left leg was literally cut off and my dad's foot us purple.. they said that he's going to have to get it amputated.. My dad already almost lost his life numerous times and I'm afraid if something happens I'm going to loose him. My dad is my best friend. should I be worried about losing him?

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I know what you mean. I have many friends and family who have been in similar situations.
My advice: Don't worry. Worrying won't help, it will only stress you out and make you upset. Enjoy every minute with him. Help him whenever you can. Try to keep things as normal as you can.
I am 16 and I had an amputation last year. It can be kind of scary, so just be there for him. Hold his hand when he gets nervous. Try to keep life as normal and fun as you can. When I was in the hospital a lot of times it would help if I had stuff from home around me. Maybe some of my favorite books or my blanket. It really helped.
Really don't worry. And please, please, please keep me posted on how you both are doing. I will help in anyway I can. Honestly. Anything. Just ask. I wish the best of luck for you both!

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@funnyfoot Hi funnyfoot. Welcome to the amputee support group. I love your name.
I had a below knee amputation 12months ago and was fitted with my first leg mid January I’m seeing a physical therapist who is helping me with gait training. I didn’t walk for 18 months so it’s a little difficult for me. We are working on balance now. I am rally hoping to be able to walk without the walker or cane by the end of March.
Have you been fitted with your first prosthetic yet? How are you doing with everything. It’s definately a change but that doesn’t mean life can’t be good. Check back. It really helps to meet other amputees so we can encourage each other. When I hear of the amazing things amputees are doing it really encouraged me and gives me hope. It propels me forward to keep working hard with my physical therapy. I am gaining my independence back little by little. Life is good!

Hi sheesmilezz. I am sorry to hear about your dads health problems and upcoming amputation.
I think it's natural for us at any age to worry about losing a parent, especially when that parent has serious health problems. Chances are we will out live our parents and have to deal with the grieving process.
I want to encourage you to not let fear rule your life. It's not fair that you have to deal with your fathers illnesses at such a young age but you have to try to be strong and brave for him. I Had a below knee amputation almost a year ago and it is very frightening but I put my life in Gods hands. The last thing I remember before going under was my 28 year old son asking where the exit door was as he was crying. I felt so bad that I was causing my family so much hurt and concern.
Just be there for your dad. Tell him you love him every day. Tell him the important things you want him to know. Plan like life will go on forever yet live like its the last time you will be with him. Be good to him. Help him where you can. Don't let there be any regrets. And pray. Ask God to keep him safe. Ask God to guide the surgeons and let everything go smoothly.
Keep checking back and let us know how you and your dad are doing. We're here to support not only amputees but friends and family members too.

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I crushed my foot and worked with my surgeon for nine months hoping to save it bit was really hard not being able to walk so after a lot of prayer and many discussions with my husband I decided that amputation was the fastest way I was going to get my life back. I was facing multiple surgeries over a few years with no guarantees of success. I have no regrets about my decision. I just want to walk and walk well without the aid of a walker or cane.
I have a few really close friends and a great support system with my family. It's so important to have support. I come here and also in a support group on Facebook. It really helps to talk with other amputees. In the beginning I had so many questions that only other amps could understand.
Thankfully my friends and family and my church family are here for me too.
Do you find it harder to have close friendships being an amputee? I would think it might be. Kids can be standoffish for many reasons. They don't know what to say or there's peer pressure so they might be afraid of what other kids would think. Who knows.
When I read your response to shesmikezz my first thought was that you were wise and mature for your age. You are very articulate. You would be a great mentor to other young people who are amputees.
Just curious, but did you watch that show called Red Band Society? It was on for a very short time. It was about a group of kids all hospitalized long term for differentvreasons. One of the characters had his leg amputated due to bone cancer bi really liked the show and wished they didn't end it.
Anyway I better call it a night. I'll check back tomorrow.

That is really cool. When my mom and dad told me I had to have surgery it was really hard. Thankfully they are absolutely AMAZING parents! They told be the three options I had for surgery. They told all of the pros and cons of each one and said, “It’s your body. You choose.”
I asked them if they had a preference and they said they did but they refused to tell me. They wanted me to make that choice. They are amazing. After we all did a LOT of research (that was all I did for almost a week) I decided to go with rotationplasty not amputation or limb-salvage. I am really happy with it physically but it seems to keep me from making friends… Honestly it is mostly just me not the other kids at my school. I am so afraid of being rejected that I can’t even bring myself to try. I have a few friends who have managed to force themselves over my wall but I’m just afraid to open the gates…
Sorry, I speak in metaphors a lot. I did a poetry class and that’s one of my best ways of communicating! :slight_smile:
No I did not watch the Red Band Society. I don’t watch a lot of TV. I prefer to go hiking in the woods outside our school. My sister and I go to a boarding school in Oregon. Everything you think you know about boarding schools? This one is the exception. It is such a blessing. The teachers are really nice and they really help you in any subjects that you are weak in! It is amazing I used to hate Math and History and I DESPISED Science. Now I love all three and I actually do math when I’m bored! I make up random problems and solve them! :smiley:
I really hope your physical therapy go well! I really like talking with you! You are so right. Nobody really understands an amputee like another amputee. At my school there is no one like that around… The closest you get is someone who twisted their ankle. Doesn’t really work the same…
But I really do like talking with you! :smiley: