Im 21 just found that i have herpes.i broke down in tears itim 21 just found that i have herpes.i broke down in tears

im 21 just found that i have herpes.i broke down in tears it hurtimg me so bad.all i keep asking myself is why this appeing to dealing with it slowy.the fact of the is im a lesbain and yes some people will judge me but its ok.its was hard to tell my girlfriend but she said no matter ehat shes still going to be with me.i really dont understand how this happen.i never been a sexually person.the pain is so real.ive only been dealing with the outbreak snice yestersday and im taken warm baths and useing tea tee oil to help.its hard to walk and sit down.and im really not feeling myself right now.

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Are you on medication?

yes they have me on some medication and i have the tea tree oil.but it helps but i still be in so much in so much pain right not use to feeling like this.i feel so hopeless

@quanajw55. I was diagnosed last July with hsv1 genital herpes. During my outbreak, It was painful, itchy, and very uncomfortable. I can say that it was one of the most painful thing i’ve gone through.
I take medication everyday to supress it but I still have very mild itching almost everyday.

Unfortunately it can be very painful and I really don't know the answer apart from other people they said they use cornstarch and honey on the blisters as well. how is your immune system?

@lisajd my immune system is weak i would say.its so easy for me to catch things.

herpes erupts and damages nerves. The pain and discomfort of an outbreak area is called post-herpetic neuralgia.

One thing that will help you in so many ways is a product called Echinacea Goldenseal by Gaia Herbs. It has echinacea, goldenseal and a small amount of st. john's wort in it. It's advertised for respiratory tract infections but the herbal combo is so spot on this beginning stage of the infection. Echinacea and goldenseal both enhance the immune system and help clear the inflammation. goldenseal has been shown to enhance blood circulation to the spleen, which is a major lymphatic and adaptive immune organ. Then there's St. John's Wort (SJW). SJW is antiviral, anti-inflammatory... but most importantly, SJW is a nervine that regenerates flesh and nerves.

@Sanguine101 good to know echinacea works too. Kills a cold and reduces symptoms

Ok. Try to get onto lysine. This is an anti viral.

it that a cream

@quanajw55 tablet but found in foods as well.

Very sorry to hear this has happened to you. My brother actually contracted herpes from an ex-girlfriend who didn't bother to mention that she had it. That's just terrible. Your girlfriend sounds like an amazing woman to stick by and with you through this. She's a keeper!

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I never had any major pain,just barely.but I'm also a may be different for women.but I had a couple skin abrasions that only looks like irratated skin.not blisters.and I treated with neosporin for awhile.and that helped out.but it takes about 2-3weeks to clear up.but no pain at all.

well im in pain alot of pain.i dont know whst to do or try.i been putting teatree oil for about 4 days nw.ive cry so much.i just wont the pain to go away

Are you on medication. Someone said cornstarch saved them

yes they have me on some.but nun for pain.i want to try it but i dont want it to make things worst.

@quanajw55 what did they prescribe you?

Ok. I dont think cornstarch will worsen will dry them out
Only can take panadol and the like i guess?


@quanajw55 ok, that’s the same as valtrex. When I was having an outbreak my Dr prescribed 1 pill 2x a day for five days; then 1x a day there after. That double dosage helped. It actually stopped the outbreak from actually becoming full blast and stopped the itching. You can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain.