I'm 24 and I've been in a very serious 4 year relationship

I'm 24 and I've been in a very serious 4 year relationship. My gf is 26 and has yet to come out. I've always been supportive of her. It's just starting to tear me down. The holidays are extremely hard. She comes from a strict Latin family and her mom would rather see me dead than with her daughter. My gf is scared, and I understand. I can't talk to any of my friends because I don't really have gay friends, and my straight friends don't understand what coming out means. And really how hard it is. It took me until I was 19 to finally come out, and I had it semi easy. I couldn't imagine the fear my girlfriend has. But I'm 24 and I know where I want my life to head, and we both agree that we want the same things. Her family is extremely ignorant. Essentially I'm Ina. Lot of pain. I feel like my life is being put on hold for people who'd rather see me dead. Idk how to handle this anymore. It's a hopeless feeling. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and bipolar and this issue is wearing me down and triggering all these issues. I don't know anymore.

it sounds as though she is going to have a to make a choice to be shunned from her family, and be with you. Or continue as things are, but cause you pain? What are some of her and your choices? what would you like to see happen? hugs to you!

Yea. She keeps saying soon. I'm just really depressed. Than you