I'm 24 and scared I may have genital herpes bc I keep on getI'm 24 and scared I may have genital herpes bc I keep on

I'm 24 and scared I may have genital herpes bc I keep on getting bumps on my butt and they turn in to scabs but they don't hurt and don't have any thing come out of them they just itch all the time

And I don't know what to think or how to feel besides scared

it is ok to feel scared but there really is no need to it is a virus but can I just ask when was the last time you had sex

@lisajd about 2 mins ago

Over two mons ago right be for I found out I was pregnant

Well, it doesn't sound like herpes. You would know! If you're pregnant as well then it could be something associated w becoming pregnant. If anything, get a blood test and/or ask the doc to swab or see what they say.

I know what stage 1 herpes look and feel like so dose stage 2 look and feel the same as stage 1

And I understand u have ur own stuff to worry about and I'm sorry for bothering you I just need some advice from one who knows

U know what stage 1 herpes look like and feel like just not stage 2 so. Do they look and feel same

Your best bet is to get tested. Everyone symptoms are different. have you spoken to the person you had sex with whether they have any HSV

No bc it was it was a one night stand and he hasn't talked to me since that night and for all I know I may just be worried over nothing to be honest bc now that I think about it I think I would know if I had it bc it sounds painful and I think it would feel like little cuts but I could be wrong

How long ago did the Symptoms start to rise after you had sex. some people are different lives there symptoms some people have none at all some have Minor and painful lumps or cuts so there is a possibility that it could be.

There is no pain just itching and it started about a month ago

And just bumps

The best thing to do is monitor it and see how you go but if you are unsure just go to your doctor is the best thing

Thanks for the advice

Im no expert and everyone is different in terms of their symptoms so I suggest that if they start to become like scabs then you should definitely go to the doctor