I'm 28 years old, almost 29. And I have accumulated 15,000 i

I'm 28 years old, almost 29. And I have accumulated 15,000 in debt. I live pay check to pay check, and I have 90 dollars in my savings. Its safe to say.. I've hit rock bottom and I'm the only one who knows about it besides my best friend. I work in retail since I was 19 and its safe to say that's where it started. I love owning nice and expensive handbags and designer clothes, I have the prettiest things any girl would be envy of. But because of them, I'm in debt. I owe money to two major credit cards.

I'm at a loss. The only good thing about my debt is I'm single and I have no big responsibilities. However, I have a boyfriend now and were getting serious. We decided we want to get engaged within a year and get married a year or two after that. I was so happy but I realized, I"M BROKE! I can't even afford a shoe for my own wedding!
I'm trying to pay off my first credit card that is like 4,900 dollars. What tips do you have for me to save money again? I need my credit card for gas and my debit for food and other errand expenses.

I shop when I'm bored and I pretend I'm some kind of rich girl when I shop when I'm actually not. I've hit rock bottom and I need a way out before my entire family finds out.

I had a similar problem about 15 years ago. I treated my depression with shopping. $58,000 later I couldn't pay. I ended up working with a debt consolidation company, they helped a lot to lower what I owed. I think I ended up paying back $40,000. I promise things will get better!

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I think you can pay it off if you remove all credit card payment options off your computer and phone for online shopping, and then take your credit cards out of your waller and place it in an envelope inside a book so you dont see it except for emergencies. Figure out what your total income was last year, and downsize your rent. Get a roomate and cut that in half. Move in with your family for a year and continue to work so you can pay off your entire debt by the end of this year. You cant buy any more clothes for the rest of tjis year, sorry. You have plenty of things, clearly. I had one pair of sneakers all year. I was fine. Youll survive, you need to learn to understand the value of money, same as me. I waste mine on coffee and eating out. Just remember, do you want to suffer temporarily now for future gain, or buying a bag you wont like later, and also suffer later, not be able to get married... debt is no way to start a marriage.

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@Blueberries1234. By emergencies, I mean paying rent, or you break your foot or something. And then figure out how to buy groceries under 60$ /week. And 300$ is your entire monthly food budget, aside from rent and phone plan. Whatever cash you don’t spend, add it to next week’s cash budget for food (60$). Use every cent you have at the end, to pay off your debt.