I'm 33 now and never thought my face would look like this. I

I'm 33 now and never thought my face would look like this. It started on my back when I was 11. So huge and so painful. Sometimes I go out in public without any makeup because I just get so tired of always wearing it. I never go to work without it, however. I saw a dermatologist who was awesome and prescribed me Acutane. Unfortunately I can't afford $300/month for it. So I use proactive plus combined with a variety of natural/holistic products. It seems to keep it under control for the most part. But the scars are unbelievable. I wonder if there's any skin treatment for severe scars? Like peeling treatment or something?

It's very difficult, my suggestion is you head over to


And read the guide to treatment that is listed in there.

trust me i've lost just about every friend i have cause im too embarrased to go hang with people when my face looks like this, im alone 24/7

Kwall31, I'm sorry. I have the scars too. I do know from experience that chemical peels really do work. Try eliminating dairy( if you want to know why I can explain it), and turmeric and acv helps with dark marks, inflammation, and rebalancing the skins pH. If you stop using the other face washes that is.