I'm 35 year old mother of three with a very overactive

i'm 35 year old mother of three with a very overactive thyroid. I have a team of doctors working on my thyroid issues, the reason for a team of specialist is because of the complications it has cause with my heart liver and kindeys not to mention the mental issues it is causing me. i have lost over 40 lbs in two months i use to weigh 136 i am now down to 95 im depressed because i look anorexic and im not. I pretty much have lost all my breast tissue and i never thought it would affect me like it has. im at a loss as where to look for answers at this point

This sounds vastly frustrating! In the meantime while the doctors try to make heads of tail of you, I would research natural means to try and help your regulate your thyroid and in turn help you fight the horrible side effects you are currently experiencing. I would look into acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathic Medicine. Conventional treatment should not be ignored, but as it isn't doing anything for you right now and really who has the time to just wait around for doctors to finally come up with something!

Wishing you strength-

Thank you for your ideas im not opposed to try other alternatives, i will do some research. I have beat cervical cancer twice i will survive this.