I'm 39 years old and I had my first breast exam yesterday. T

I'm 39 years old and I had my first breast exam yesterday. They had a new machine out that is 3-D dismal it was really nice. Scary part is they found a spot on my right breast . With this being sad I had cancer 2years ago of the uterus it was the size of a apple and another one right behind that they removed also the size of a golf ball. I must say my Anxiety is definitely kicking in a little but I'm trying to control it . I go back to Doctor's office Monday for a closer look with a sonogram for the breast. I do have a family history of it soooo..... wish me luck futher updates to come

I am praying for you my dear. Sending healthy and healing prayers your way. I will say an extra prayer on monday.

Most abnormalities found on these tests turn out to be benign/normal tissue. But the whole purpose of them is to catch things early enough to intervene. Take a breath and keep distracted until it all gets worked out. You were wise enough to get an early study. You cannot change the outcome by worrying. Do some fun things and keep busy, but follow through. We'll be here to support you, no matter what.

@annetrue Thanks annetrue tears swelling up in my eyes now . I know it’s nothing I can change it comes with nature . I just think that God is watching over me and that maybe it was a early sign or something that is good though that it was caught early so ya I hope and pray nothen major . ok drying up my eyes now I will try not to grow week and find something productive to do so I don’t stress and worry like you say thanks hugs please hugs!!!:frowning: