I'm a 60yr old F. Introverted and insecure. I have/had a fri

I'm a 60yr old F. Introverted and insecure. I have/had a friend to talk to but I'm loosing her. So now I'm back to being alone inside my own head. It's very hard to meet new people. Even though I've lived here for almost 25 years I have no history here. I try to go out once a week and be around ppl. It's not enough. How do I meet and make friends at my age?

I've met individuals and groups of local like-minded friends through Facebook, taking classes, and our local Senior Center. You need to get out there; it's been my experience that the longer folks like us isolate, the harder it becomes to break out of that isolation. Remaining isolated is only the illusion of emotional safety; it's catastrophic for our mental and emotional health.

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It depends on what things you like to do and able to do. Also what things you have where you live. You could go walking around your neighborhood for exercise and to get out that would be good for you. Get a library card if you don't have one, they usually have monthly schedules of things going on its a great way to be around others and meet other people. It's ok if your introverted you can still got to a library get a book and sit down to read, check out their upcoming events/classes on various things. They do all kinds of things you don't need to be a talker just go. You have to start somewhere right?

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That's 1/2 the problem. I live in the country. I do get out for walks. But there's no socializing unless u count deer and birds. They are friendly. Towns near me have events or festivals once a yr. But it's not really a good way to meet potential friends, I've tried. No organized groups. I do frequent a few local thrift shops. And yes my health limits my activities. Then there's this covid mess. I tried a few online chats , found low life trolls. Have lots of contacts on FB but very few I know personally. A business/ friend associate has fund raising events I could volunteer at , but covid. I'm stuck.

I get you LostSole, I live in a big city too & have a really hard time making friends.My Home will always be in the much smaller city in another province. And I've lost a good friend (& my family.) I just let it get dark instead of turning out the lights at night because I lonelly++ & feel that no one loves me. Sending you strength!

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I forced myself to venture out to a new church. They were having their homecoming and a special group. They were a singing ministry group. They were incredible. I've never had a more intense moving experience. I didn't meet anyone, but I let out so many emotions I have been holding in. You don't realize how much we pen up and keep inside, especially when you have no one to share with.