I'm a fairly new amputee and I'm hoping to find support as w

I'm a fairly new amputee and I'm hoping to find support as well as give support in this group. Today was my first day back at my house officially and I'm feeling very overwhelmed and not wanting to do this life, this way. So anyone that can offer insight, support, encouragement, tips, etc I would very much welcome it.

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Hello and welcome. I myself am not an amputee, however i have a family member that is pretty nrw to it as well he isnt home yet but will be in about 3 weeks. I did know a woman that ended up losing her leg to food poisoning thats the first i ever heard of that. I believe shes about 60 years old she goes to thr gym several times a week to exercise on different machines and walk on the treadmill. Her daughter goes with her and does her own thing. She said it really helps her. Im sure no matter how well anyone does being an amputee a person is still going to have days and moments that rrally get them down. Its a hige life changing thing. I wish you the best! :)

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I'm a below knee amputee, for 9 years now, it gets better once you realize that you still have independence. Don't take the little things for granted. There will be bad days, i still go through them, but just take it at YOUR own pace, whatever you feel comfortable with whenever you feel comfortable with it. There are support groups on facebook, I've just found this one and also look up amputee support groups in your area, but i say again, when you are ready.

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Thank you!! I feel discouraged a lot and it's hard to keep going on some days.