I'm a Str8 51 yo dwm,always been with women,considered as gl

I'm a Str8 51 yo dwm,always been with women,considered as gl,but was a pt closet cd ,and had bi urges to act out ,I live in northern bergen cty nj,there isn't many places to meet like nyc,don't want to travel there,my urges to dress up and do this is killing me ,I've spent almost 200 this month already for leather mini dresses,satin babydolls,silk panties,wig,breast forms,leather hood mask,some intense toys,stiletto heels.... not fem nor passible,just love dressing,I'm actually very masc looking and acting.gone to sites trying to meet people,even other cds to meet talk with get ideas and tips maybe more,I've Never got this bad brfore,the last 7-8 mos I'm really going through alot.thought about seeking help for my issues,before I Do Something,I a don't know.

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I would think that there were drag clubs in NJ? No?

Yes there is one amandas hideaway on Rt 46 west in South hackensack, I couldn't ever go out in public I'm to masc looking and acting plus would want to ever be seen ,I did go through with it ,the first time ever on Sunday Aug 7 ,the 2nd time 2 days later with someone different.

Omg I'm so scared and worried ,I've posted ads on 4 sites with pics of me dressed in my clothes I've bought in late 2'3 mos,I'm being bombarded with responses, and complimentary likes to my being dressed in my outfits,seems there's many into heavyset non Fem non passible masculine looking and acting pt cds ,I've had some creepy responses about love and me putting my ads down and commit to them ,omg no, I've now had 3 experiences ever all in August, first was for both ,2nd and 3rd was for oral only, the last one he had a nice one long long visit.now my caucasion I have a black man who is coming by tonight to meet me ,so far only with caucasions,this guy is totally BBC Unbelievably Is,I'm terrified about our meeting he face pic has me nervous, he said mouthing bad in his messages, I'm now so concerned ,and worried I'm turning Gay, I've always been with women only ,was married like a lifetime, but I'm getting very C**k Obsessed. ...I Don't Want to Become Gay I Want To Find Another Nice Woman to love and Share life with.

@alonedoessuck Don’t get ahead of yourself…just enjoy your sexual fluidity and this time of self discovery. Don’t worry about the label. If you find this is a part of who you must be, absolutely make sure the women you bring into your life is aware.

Hi Thanks for your Reply jsebi76 when I was with a woman in a relationship it was when I was married for many long years, I finally felt the need to open up and confess my cd fetish ,back then it was just about me when I had Oppty alone I'd slip into silk bras and panties and bustiers of hers while she was at work with no one in the home.but I'm doing all this now because I've had zero success on meeting finding another woman to love and be in desired ltr or marriage ,I was lonely ,needing some sort of sexual activity in my life ,this is my first ever bi experience, before it was only my closeted fantasy ,never acted it out til recently.if I'd find a good woman I'd put a stop to this roller coaster I'm now on ,this is not me.