I'm a twin, and I also suffer from alopecia which makes my h

I'm a twin, and I also suffer from alopecia which makes my hair fall out in patches, and I struggle with a eating disorder. She's beautiful and sweet and we are both artists, but I never feel like I measure up to her OR my younger sister who is stunning. I have bald spots, and struggles that make it hard to be social sometimes, and it's so frustrating, that they seem to have everything I wish I had. I'm really struggling with low self esteem.

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You see her like that but she has her issues that she keeps in side. Try not to compare yourself to anyone you are special just the way you are. You have some things you need to do so that you can be healthy, happy and healed right now but that is good xo

If you could ask them I bet there are traits,talents and physical attributes that you have that they are jealous of.I have always been the least of my siblings in my mind as well so I understand. When it comes to looks its never a good idea to compare yourself to others (but we all do) and I don't know what your sisters look like but you are above average so if you do compare yourself to someone using to high a standard will only hurt you.As an artist you'll be more naturally sensitive so these things might be a little tougher on you than most.I wish you the best of luck.

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