I'm a young army wife. Recently my husband received orders f

I'm a young army wife. Recently my husband received orders for Colorado. Shortly after he talked to an NCO who's over there now and was told he's going to be deployed in April 2 months after we move there. I need some advice and guidance on how to not be a wreck about it. I know it's apart of his job and I'm beyond proud and supportive... But What am I going to do while he's gone? What if something happens? When can I talk to him? I forgot to add I struggle with sever anxiety and season depression. I just need someone to talk to about this stuff my husband won't because I always have an anxiety attack and he hates seeing me get like that.

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Can you get involved with other women that are in the military and are dealing with the same issues?

Yeah the only problem I keep having is that most of the soldiers and their wives in his troop are older then me so I really struggle with relating to them.

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There has to be other things for you to get involved with. There is nothing on the base for you to do? Usually they always have a great support system for the wives when there husbands are shipped out and they have meetings and get togethers. Any with kids involved?

Army wives on Netflix. Sounds hokey but it showcases a lot of military life's struggles and successes. Most of all it says you're never alone in how you're feeling.

@Nicoleseiberlich...There are numerous support channels throughout the base/post that you have access to. I'm not sure what branch your husband is in but in the Air Force, the main place is called the Family Readiness Center. They provide assistance, guidance and referrals to numerous on base agencies that can help with a variety of issues both when the spouse is deployed and while they are still at home-station.. Things like auto care (some provide free oil changes while the member is deployed); a free day of childcare in order for the spouse to get some alone time, chaplain services for religious support, to relocation assistance. Ask your husband or just Google the place where you are going and search "family support" or terms in that nature. Also, Military One Source (http://www.militaryonesource.mil/) is a phenomenal site which provides countless of support throughout the military for its members and their families. Everything from income tax assistance to psychologist/counselor referrals for a variety of issues. Two important things to know about that site is that it is completely free, and also, anonymous. If you or your husband are worries about his supervision or your friends family knowing about your anxiety & depression, using Military One Source will keep it completely in-house. They will ask for pertinent information regarding your spouse and the individual seeking assistance but that's where it stops, it wont go any higher. I've been in the AF for over 19years, it is a great program. I have used it as have other personnel that i work with & have worked for me. Use it, its there, it is a benefit that you are entitled to due to your husband's service.
take care of yourself & let me know if there is anything else you need assistance with. I'm here to help. one last thing...do not ever be embarrassed or too proud to seek help for mental issues, we are all human and seeking help is a sign of strength & knowing one's shortcomings but willing to be a healthier person.

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