I'm accepting of the gay community, my parents would accept

I'm accepting of the gay community, my parents would accept me. I'm not afraid of being around gay people. And I hang out with my friends even though I get the thoughts. The anxiety is gone. But the doubts aren't. So this is making me feel like it's not OCD. Also considering when I was little and was worried about what my friends would say or because I thought it was a sin. I kiss the boy and do things with him without a problem in fact I love every second in with him. I love cuddling him and kissing him. I love when he grabs and everything.


@hocdistakingmysoul i honestly think your 100% straight u have no evidence proving otherwise, try staying of this site it really helps, but it gets addictive

Like they said my attraction would come back once the anxiety goes and literally nothing did

I'm also trying to remember my past and whenever I would admire a female character in a cartoon I wonder if I had a crush on them or if it was just admiration. I never thought about dating them ever. But then I just don't remember

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I'm also worried about when my mom thought I would find myself and come out and she always tells me how she's always right especially when it came to relationships and sometimes she was and sometimes she wasn't. But what if she's right about this!? It scares me

Like when I'm with this boy that I like I'm so happy being with him like I just feel like coming up for fresh air and then I think about it and it doesn't feel like I want to settle down and get married