I'm Alex and I'm 13 years old..I haven't lived a very easy l

I'm Alex and I'm 13 years old..I haven't lived a very easy life..I have been bounced around from school to school in my life time..and that's not even close to bad compared to my life...right now in school I have about 10 girls after me..trying to get to me and hurt me emotionally and I don't deal well with stress bc of the things the things I've been through in my life time...my mom right now is choosing her boyfriend over me and at this point I can't even trust her..I can't trust anyone...everyone ends up turning on me...me and my mom's bf don't get along good and he screams and yells at me every day and has done some other things and then my mom screams and yells at me bc he lies about me and I have no one to go to bc all.my friends end up turning on me..my mom told me that if I can't get along with her bf that she's sending me across the country to live with my dad....she's choosing him over me...I have thought about suicide yes..but never actually went through with it...I have no one to go to about anything...and this is only a portion of my story there is many more..I'm just done with life because I have people bullying me at school bc of a boy liking me and not them so they come after me and talk about me behind my back and call me names and I can't take it anymore..I have been taking it for 3 years...it's too much to handle...I'm just done

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Hi Alex, I'm so sorry that you've had such a hard life. So much stress, so many unkind people. You don't deserve all that! You are a good person. It's been decades since I was a teen, so I don't have any brilliant personal advice for you, so sorry. Therefore, I googled "teen hotline". And it turns out that there are lots of free hotlines staffed by trained compassionate teens, who can help you with all sorts of troubles. Do you have access to a phone? I hope this will help. Best of luck. Awful though your life is now, it can get better, I promise you.

Thank you !! This helped me a little ^^

Alex , live because you deserve to and the world deserves you, kids that bully other kids are hiding the fact they truly don't appreciate who they are and see something in you they value so instead they hurt other kids to make themselves feel better. In regards to your mothers Bf don't stress about the things you cannot change what you can change is to request to be in an environment in which you don't feel stressed no one should raise their voices in such a manner you may not feel safe, is there any other family members you can confide in and if the relationship with your dad is not so strained perhaps living with him will be a blessing in disguise. I get kids don't like to move often...who does I wish you all the best.

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Thank you soo much!!

When I read this I was amazed at how much this is like my situation. My whole life I've been called weak but I doth think that any of the people who said that could walk in my shoes and be alive today. I'm a survivor, from the second I was given up through all the times I broke up to this point I've survived. I survived myself, I survived the demons, I survived the verbal, emotional, mental, and past physical abuse. We are strong, we fall yes but when we do we get up, if we can't we crawl our way through life.