I'm an at home care giver for my. boyfriend of 7 years. 2 ye

I'm an at home care giver for my. boyfriend of 7 years. 2 years ago we had car accident that left him with a social fusion an paralyzed... about 2 months ago he had a Double Above The Knee amputation due to osteromelytis not being treated correctly by doc at our old hospital. I need support or advice everytime I try to have a conversation with him about doin things to help him become more mobile or perhaps seeking counsel a fight erupts. I feel like I am enabling him by always being there an doin everythjng for him but I don't want him to feel alone thru this ever... I know myslef I'm getting majorly depressed, anxious stressed cant sleep much and thjnk feelings of resentment r growing out of anger and frustration... I don't personally know any one in n my position and lost my best friend ohhh n the begin of fall due to a falling out due to her new husband... my family isn't really supportive at all and I feel like I would just be bothering them... I'm lost and I'm not even the one going thru all the loss and change... never thought this would be the hardest **** I've lived thru or dealt with... I can Handel all the work it's just the emotional **** and him not talkin to me or anyone about this stuff... any advice out there