I'm at my wits end. We had an unbelievable sex life. I alway

I'm at my wits end. We had an unbelievable sex life. I always felt so close to my husband through sex. Not to mention the fact he always made sure I was satisfied. Now, nothing. No kissing, no touching, no fooling around. I look at him and his lips. I stare at his fingers. His smell drives me crazy. I can't stand it anymore. Goon from 2/3 times a day for years to nothing?!?! I can't deal with it. I just recently had weight loss surgery to rid me of the baby weight I've carried. I'm hoping maybe that will make a difference.

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What caused this cut off of sex in the first place?

Honestly, it slowly started when my husband began taking blood pressure meds. Then we both went on suboxone for our addictions. He use to be frustrated about it and buy things that might help. Now he has pills to help but rarely uses them. I keep thinking he's cheating or I'm just not attractive to him anymore. Any advice???


so is the problem that you are not having a sexual relationship with your partner or are you two struggling with ED and need help?