I'm bisexual and ready for females only

I use to date only men then my friend and i started messing around and all i can say is WOW (10 years ago)now i know that a woman is what i want, It was not only the sex and cuddling it also was so easy to talk and be myself and i really do not know where to go or how to meet my future girl :) I'm also looking for friends....

Hi Friendly1, it's so wonderful that you have come to a peaceful place that you would like to be with women. Are there any local gay bars where you can meet women? Have you considered online dating?

Hi puppydoglvr, Thank you for responding. I really don’t know if there are any gay bars around here and i have a hard time going into bars where i do not know people. I guess i can try online dating. I’m also nervous and have not dated in eight years. Thanks again,I hope you have a great night.

Hello, I thought that may be that would be a good way to meet nice new people, and then you can meet people through people which is always a great way to go. Do you have a gay community in your area where they put on events that you can attend?

How do i find a gay community in my area ?

Is there a sight you know of that i can check out ? Thank you for your reply. :) Friendly1

I've heard that Match.com is good: http://www.match.com/cp.aspx?cpp=/cppp/seo/index.html&pkg=online-dating&...

Let me know how things are progressing for you.

I sure will and thank you

Ready to take life by the horns : ( : <3 <3

Oh I sure am,:wink:

Its a wonderfull thing when one is honest with ones self. When i finally came out about being into the ladies it felt great. I am still in search as well for that one person who will knock me off my feet.

I always knew i was attracted to women but never told anyone, now i do not care who knows and if they do not like it to bad and it’s their loss because i am a wonderful person. Do you have places to go find that special person ? I do not know where to look. Any suggestions ? What does this mean —> <3<3<3:): on your reply ?

well look for what you look for in your friends because you cant be in a serious relationship if you cant even be friends woth the person and i could be your friend

I know what i’m looking for for but i do not know where to go to look. Thank you for being my friend :slight_smile:

Wom friendly I am in the same situation I want to date women but don't know exactly where to go or to go about meeting them.. Yeah there are on-line sites but i really don't care for signing up with one of those.. I know of a couple of gay clubs here but I really don't think I would feel comfortable going to one by myself. I don't have any gay friends..

I know what your saying and I feel the same way about going in a place by myself. Are you in Illinois ? Maybe we can go together if we live close to each other.

nope I'm in Indianapolis

Hey Ladies,
I've been in and out of Bi thoughts bascially my whole life..It came highly recommended to try SHEDATE.COM, It's world wide and any type of gal u might b lookn'n for it breaks it down into states then mileage, this should give you a start. Personally, inless your lookn for a one nighter I would'nt do bar scene, you just may get more then u barg'in for..lol I've had the bi sexual experience..wow! But, I made the decision 14 years to marry the man I feel in love with, I have three beautiful children..I still have the thoughts and wouldn't pass a fling up with the right gal NSA, Good luck ladies!!!

Hi Mas617, thank you so much for the information on the dating site. It's good to know more reputable sites. I look at the bar scene as a hit or miss, and it all depends on the type of bar. I always look at it this way; my friends and I will go to bars and we are good honest and serious people, so it just depends I suppose :-)

google search lgbt events and then your city state or gay bars and your city state IE: gay bars washington dc.

Typically it gives you some stuff and if you can find even one book store or something in the area then you can find out more info

good luck.. I find it is almost impossible to find someone to date be it gay straight or bi in this world today