I'm confused pls help I keep reading up on hypo which I've h

I'm confused pls help I keep reading up on hypo which I've had since May this year.had my dose of thyroxin increased but I feel no difference...this t3 can I take this in addition I can't get my head around it all. Thanks appreciate feed back

In terms of time you only just have been recently diagnosed, so the effects of the medication might not yet be completely clear. The problem with constantly reading up things on hypo is that you make yourself worried to the max. You start imagining things that might or may not be there.

The best thing therefore what you can do, is to goto your doctor, and ask your doctor for advice. This in order to get a professional opinion, and to get rid of the worries.

It can take a while to get your dosage right, so keep communicating to your doctor and having your thyroid tested.

Thanks everyone saying that.but after 7 months and my thyroxin upped twice I'd of thought I'd of felt better than worse.
I didn't realize till now the amount of side effects they can course as well..that's got me thinking cause with me feeling different symptoms if the thyroxin is making me worse.

@Janeyhop I agree you need to talk to your doctor. But it can take time to get the dosage right. It took over a year just to get me to a dosage that alleviated my symptoms, then another 9 months to bring my thyroid levels normal.

Really I suppose everyone's body is different it's not helpful though when my doctor isn't very supportive and just keeps upin my sertraline.she just doesn't listen to me how Im feeling.I'm booked to see a different doctor,but I have read that a lot of woman seem to have the same problem the doctors don't seem to have enough knowledge about the thyroid.