Im dealing with anger problems that stem from my past, and i

Im dealing with anger problems that stem from my past, and im lashing out on anyone around me. I get so mad somtimes I beat myself up bad ,and yell loud at everyone around me ,now days I have more control then I did when I was young, but im still struggling to control myself. I dont break things anymore, nor have ive hit anyone else when I was angry, but ive had hit my dog once before I now can hold myself back from physical anger, but still yell at my dog which scares her and it kills me in side so i hit myself to get what I feel I caused emotionally to her, and others I try so hard not to yell because I feel if I continue to yell ill be just like my parents, and im better then there worst. I just feel somtimes I just want to escape it all like I traped in myself and I drowning. somtimes I take a walk and run to get away but I find myself always coming to a wall that makes me turn back and face it thar ill never be free ill never be happy I feel I use to sleep walk because of that reason when I was young, when I was a kid living in hell watching my mom suffer and be beat feeling helpless with no one to run no way to help I felt I should run away but was always stopped, which I believe thats why I would sleep walk to escape after basic training of my soul, I awoke to a world I cant escape from anymore so I feel I want to die but I keep pushing no matter how hard it gets, so i get anger more and more everyday alone and knowing I can never trust I fear I may always be alone. Does it ever end will I ever find peace im just so tired of all the worlds pain they need help they need me but I need me what do I do how can I save the world if I cant save the ones I love or save myself. Sorry for the bad grammar, im on my phone and it does not allow but a small space to use. Im new here and would just like to find a safe place just let it out and stop holding it in and to find away to control my anger better..

Don't worry, we are here for you, atleast I am. Out of control anger is exactly as you describe it. And the damage it causes - victims wanting to escape it but can't - is exactly as you describe it. So good news is that u r in the right place. Don't worry about grammar. Worry about getting well. I relate to your feelings and confusion and self-condemnation and helplessness that stem from out-of-control anger. Only someone with an anger problem could understand. Yes. I have caused so much pain to people I love. I have damaged their esteem, integrity and confidence. My anger has destroyed people. Sometimes I would get physical but this was probably not as bad as the emotional damage my angry words caused. My family is away now for another week and I have been on my own. I do not want to ever hurt someone I love again. I have not had the chance to put this in practice yet. I am confident that, because I have somewhere to go when that anger starts to rise in me and burn my head, and because I have acknowledged that anger is my problem and because I have made the commitment to not hurt people I love with my anger, I will get well here, with others who understand me and are going through the same thing. A safe place? I think so. Safety in numbers.

Welcome to SG. This is a safe place. There are a lot of caring people here who understand and will listen to you. Your dog is a source of good, unconditional support and love for you. Try to yell outside away from her/him. My dog shakes when people yell.

I had anger issues in the past put of frustration with my husband questioning me for every little decision I made. I went to a psychologist and worked it out. I think it stemmed from a lack of control due to childhood sexual abuse.

Yes, dogs, kids, husbands and wives, - don't yell at them anymore. If it burns you... I think finding a quiet place to speak with God or with yourself will work... I think it is the first step in changing the angry response. Dropping everything, locking yourself in ur study and talking about how u are feeling here will also help. Whoever you are angry at can wait. You can't see clearly when you are angry. Find a way to calm first even if it takes you hours away from whatever you are supposed to be doing. Make 'healing from destructive anger' priority number 1.

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Don't focus on saving the world. It's an overwhelming task to even think about. Focus on you and the people around you and do you're best to treat yourself and them in a respective way

Yes, agree. Start small. My heart seems to understand small packages of information. So... I have chosen not to be angry at those I love. This is manageable and better for us. When we love and support those people around us, they go out and love and support the people around them, and this is very close to being a solution to change the way the world works.