Im done i think

today the boyfreind had to go to his moms it was not bad then he had to play racet ball and that was fine then his fucking dad and his fucking pickup truk came into the pic bad they tore apart the fucking jeep and know i cant working anything in there and he bitched cause i was mad for that and know i am sitting here cutting once again

I hope that things are looking up for you today emogirl~


God, i am sorry, babe. I don't know what to tell you so I'll just be supportive, I guess. I love you, girl! I sincerely hope you feel better soon. I am sorry you are cutting again.

i love you too

:) thanks


hate those f-ing things!

Wow is all i can say to that i kno that we all have our own ways of dealing with things so im not even mad at you just want to say i hope it gets better...

My name is brandon

Tht is pretty and different

Ur welcome my name is common and urs is different....

he jennah, **** Ive been there..i had 2 cars wreck in the same week...cant afford to fix them..compounded by my miserable life...i hate it when crap like that jumps in and just adds to the crap of life..i feel ya...

better day today?

Emogirl - Please take care of yourself. Right now, you are your number one priority. I personally worry too much about pleasing others, and doing what they want, but when depression is involved - you need to take care of you!! If necessary, call 911 - they can help.

man thats the story of my life..just trying to make her happy and in turn making myself miserable..i think we all need to take your advice and just work on making ourself happy...

hang in there things will get better

I'm sorry to hear that my bf and his family constantly stress me out too! Hopefully one day we will figure out we deserve better.

that's what i thought-who's brandon?