I'm experiencing some slippage as I'm having some unplanned

I'm experiencing some slippage as I'm having some unplanned eating in between my planned meals and snacks. Had a written dialogue between by eating disordered self and my healthy self regarding this problem. Since I'm feeling my unplanned eating is more of a habitual grazing challenge, my healthy self has come up with this plan: Before eating my meal or planned snack, I'm going think about how I'm going to be dealing with the next gap between feedings. I believe that placing more of my focus and planning on those gaps between feedings will significantly help me through those periods and not allow the almost automatic eating behavior to occur during those gaps.

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U are not alone

@Benita146 Hi Benita: Do you now eat three meals a day and three planned snacks. If so, you challenge is to get through a maximum of four hours until another feeding. That helps me a lot. Now I just have to pay attention to the gaps between planned feedings.

I can tell you, as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, do NOT deprive yourself. That is a clear road to failure. I know that, as a serious problem this has been for you, it's easier said than done, but the last thing you want to do is obsess about getting your eating on track. It can be just as detrimental as the disorder itself. Don't overthink things. Eat when your hungry, not when you're emotional, and eat plenty of the "right" foods (fresh fruit, veggies, lean protein). It's very hard to eat too much of the right thing before you're full. Message me if you'd like to talk!