Im falling into a depression... I go to work thrn come home

Im falling into a depression... I go to work thrn come home yo an empty house... I need yo find hobbies.. I have no friends in NJ... Movies, dates, bowling ... I was never really into that... I woild ne more comfortable ay home watching TV cuddling with a woman.. But im single.. Looks loke its gonna beca long time.. Smh.. I just dont kno ejsy to do.. Such a depressing life... I hate being home.. Feels like life is just passing me by

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Hey! If you isolate yourself that will make you more depressed! Cheer up and go out with some friends. Surround yourself with good people like family and friends. That's what i do and it feels much better. I don't feel empty anymore. Just feel free to talk with us here

No friends.. No family... Its just me.. I. Guess i have mental issues.. I judt realized i don't have any friends.. Im nit the super social type.. Thsmks for yiur msg... But i hsve issues.. Menrwl issues tgat i don't havevthe time oe insurance to find out or diagnosis what they are..

Dont be hard on yourself. Feel free to talk. If you are really concerned about yourself so will make time in finding out what are those issues. You should know yourself first and its better to get some help.

Wow... Thanks you guys so much... Your words and response are Priceless... Im in NJ.. I don't have drug or alcohol nor em i homeless... But csn you imagine... Im considering going to aa na oe homeless shelter... I need support.. From anywhere... Where can i find info.. Where are these places.. Can i just walk in yo an aa na meeting... Just feel the depression in my head and stomach...

Get some support from a therapist. I just found out my daughter I am staying with resents me. She said I pt her out and didn't put her sister out. This is what she failed to say she had got a court order to put me out my house. I am here helping with her children. I will be moving soon as my housing comes through. Family can be toxic and sometimes you have to distance yourself from them.