I'm feeling bored right now. I'm still dealing with my Schiz

I'm feeling bored right now. I'm still dealing with my Schizoaffective Disorder. And I been eating. I didn't go to my Mental Health center for groups, because of the Ice storm. So I been eating right now. I had leftover Chinese Food that my Uncle bought yesterday and leftover meatloaf that my mom cooked, Sunday. So I just been eating a lot. I weigh 321.2 pounds at 5 foot 11. And I'm bored right now. How can I stay busy? I also been talking to myself.

Staying busy is really just a choice. I can eat, or I can do something else, anything else. The problem is that eating give immediate pleasure and is easy to do. Other things that are good for us my not be as easy or pleasing immediately. However, they can become pleasing if we start to see the progress in our lives. It's your choice.

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@wsbyrne What are some things that you do to stay busy? How can I incorporate other people in my life? How can I let them know what I’m doing? How can I talk with my friends, even when it’s late at night? I suffer from Schizoaffective Disorder, and I hear all kinds of voices in my head. How can I include people in my life?

Tis is an extremely rare and hard to diagnose condition. How long has it been and how many have diagnosed you? Were you given a bipolar diagnosis before this one? Are you on medication? All of these answers will have an effect on your ability to include others in your life in a meaningful way.

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2006. It's tough, because I hear voices in my head. And they give me commands. I don't like it. It's not a good feeling at all. What keeps you busy? I was diagnosed with Bipolar when I was a kid. Does being busy help? I'm on a Invega Injection, and I get it every 3 months. I have to do other things to stay busy. The symptoms will always be there. It's what I'm doing is what's making a difference. I go to a mental health center, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. And I visit my caseworker in the community on Thursdays. Since it's President's Day, the center was closed today. The hardest part is that I talk to myself, because I'm so lonely. I know that you were saying that being busy helps. And it does. I just have to stick with it for a while, like a routine.

Do you exercise? This can be very helpful with your condition. It can increase cognitive function and help with sleep patterns. It is also just something to do. Many have said that being outside in nature can also help lessen the symptoms.

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Yes, I exercise. I need to keep doing it. I also watch ASMR videos and Bob Ross Videos. Bob Ross is a painter, and I stay busy. My symptoms flare up. So I just need to stay busy. Today, I'm going to the Mental Health Center, so hopefully I will feel better.

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@rod1985 My daughter suffers from depression and sz that includes auditory hallucinations. The best thing you can do is force yourself to interact with others. Do you have a solid support group–ie: friends/family? It seems as though the voices quiet down or go away temporarily when she is talking with others.

An update for today. I'm feeling rough. I'm still dealing with satan. I have 12 days left of him. It's really been tough on me. It's been a long 12 years. I just wished I never sinned. And, you all been married with kids. I never had my first kiss. I'm a 37 years old, male. I should have read my Bible. I need to be married. And, I just messed up. And, I just do a lot of thinking. I just go through a lot. And, I just should have stayed away from sin. Galatians 5:19-21 KJV is the best Holy Bible verse ever. I should have been married. I should have known that I would get worse. I just want to get rid of satan. All, I can do is get 10,000 steps per day. And, just think better.

An update for today. I'm still feeling rough. I'm still dealing with satan. I just want to finish my punishment. Please pray that my left ear and left side of my neck heal. Please pray that the pain go away. I just want to get to the end of my punishment. I want The Holy Ghost. And, I just want to get rid of satan. I really do. I want to get married. I want a wife and a child. I just feel the congestion in my left side and left part of my neck. What do you think is the problem? What should I do to get rid of the pain? I see my Medical Doctor on October 21st. I need to lose weight. I really do. I weigh 266 pounds. I just need to keep exercising. When I try to swallow food, and drink, my neck hurts. I just want to lose weight.

An update for today. I'm still feeling rough. I'm still dealing with satan. All, I do is talk to myself. Why did I sin? It shouldn't have happened. I messed up. It's been 12 years of satan. I'm glad that you all have peace. You all can find love. I just been bored at my mom's house. I'm so lonely. I'm still a Vir. I never had my first kiss. And, it's rough. I just want The Holy Ghost. I really do. All, I do is talk to myself. And, I need a relationship. And, I don't have a wife to talk to. I'm 37 years old. And, I just been dealing with satan. And, I just don't have a wife. I need my other half. I'm so lonely.

I thought he would leave in september?

@Askh I thought so too. he lied to me. And, it’s so hard dealing with him. I just want him gone. he torments me. I just want The Holy Ghost. I’m glad that you have peace. I really am. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. satan has truly tormented me. And, I need your strength. It’s going to keep going, and going. And, I’m so proud of you. Appreciate your clear mind. I know it’s great. I just have to stay away from sin.