I'm feeling depressed...not enough to drink...if I could jus

I'm feeling depressed...not enough to drink...if I could just kill all the emotions. I have nothing left. I just don't know.

Hi Tiamat - Sorry you're feeling this way, are you feeling any better now? Hugs.

@kisobel Yes I seem to be doing alright. I’m very busy working on a 10 page paper due 8 AM tomorrow (about 10 hours from now). Hopefully it lasts. I’ll be keeping busy. Walks, studying and reading. I think these are going to be my occupations as well as contemplating my beliefs. Thank you very much for your response :slight_smile:

"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future." - Deepak Chopra

This quote helps me when I want to grab that one more drink but I remind myself "no, no, no, I'm done being a prisoner!!!"

Hang in there. Breath, just breath and listen to your own breath. XOXO

@1ft@atime That’s a pretty good quote. I think you’re right. Sometimes we just need to do something simple. Just listen to the silence, sometimes it helps.

In response to darketernal (sounds somehow like a doom metal name) I really like your response. I agree, those are the two possible responses and frankly I am heading down the latter. I am taking care of my life, I have not cried (perhaps initially), but am on my way back up emotionally. I think in order to reach some sort of pleasure, and it may seem odd, but I will begin to take late walks on the nearby dirt trail and wake up early on weekends and just go out as the Sun rises by myself. Have some peace. Take care friend.