I'm feeling rough. I just been having trouble sleeping. I wo

I'm feeling rough. I just been having trouble sleeping. I would stay up all the way to 12 AM. Even later than that. I tried meditation music, Asmr sleeping videos, and still no sleep. It's 8:19 p.m. where I'm at. I just been trying to lose weight, so I can get healthy. So, I hope I don't stress eat because I can't sleep.

Are you exercising during the day, that seems to help me.

@CKBlossom Yes, I’m exercising. And it feels great. It’s just that I been dealing with satan. And, he keeps me up. And I just want to get some rest. I have 416 days left of him. It will be great when he’s gone.

So, it's just another night of me not sleeping. It's 10:46 p.m. I have a zoom call group tomorrow at 10 a.m. And now because I can't work a job because of my mental illness. My mom is now thinking about going to work, so me and her can get approved for an Apartment. So, it's rough that I can't sleep. I just have to wait until probably midnight to get tired and it could be later than that before I go to sleep.

@CKBlossom I tried melatonin. It helped a little bit. I was doing a lot better back then. I never tried magnesium. Where do you get it from? I may have to ask my mom to purchase it for me. She don’t probably want me to go out at night. Because there is a lot of crime where I live. I could look into some Melatonin. I can’t sleep. And, it’s 7:09 p.m., where I live. And, I just been having trouble sleeping. Thank you for your info.